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November 7, 2018 


    We are currently updating our site to offer you even more in variety from The Todd Berry Band!

Coming in 2019, in honor of the on-stage magic and exuberance of singer-entertainer Elvis Aaron Presley, a.k.a. The King of Rock n' Roll, we will begin offering a 60-90 minute Elvis Presley Tribute Show featuring Columbus Ohio singer-entertainer Todd Berry as Elvis Presley, live on stage.

Todd’s adept soundalike vocal abilities and longtime admiration and study of all things Elvis Presley, place him in the forefront of on-stage portrayals of Elvis in concert complete with accurate costumes and live stage performance.

Until our site is back online in its entirety, if you would like to contact us for further information regarding the new Elvis Presley Tribute Show or are interested in our multiple set variety performances of Country, Blues, Rock, Classic Rock and more, please email us at

We will get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks again for dropping by!

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Todd Berry